The Adam Shabbos Experience

Adam Shabbos ExperienceGroup leaders that are looking to offer their students a unique and unforgettable Shabbos experience, “The Adam Shabbos Experience” is your answer!  Spending Shabbos on Yishuv Adam exposes groups of students to the beautiful qualities of Yishuv life in Israel. Furthermore, Oro Shel Adam specializes in making a special Shabbos by providing a warm atmosphere, delicious home-cooked food, and an inspirational Torah environment.

Oro Shel Adam works with many different groups of different sizes and needs. With a full schedule of programs, we will tailor make for your group the Shabbos experience that you are looking for.  Among the things that we offer our groups is a tour of the Yishuv, panel discussion with residents of Adam, Oneg Friday night, kiddish with the community, home hospitality, lectures on different Torah topics and much more.

See how students from various programs reacted to their Shabbos with us in Adam. Student Reactions

Everyone leaves saying that the Adam Shabbos Experience is one of the highlights of their year!

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Adam Shabbos Experience

                                                Adam Shabbos Experience Lev-HaTorah-in-Adam