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Special Needs Program in Adam

For the 5th straight year, Yeshivat Darkaynu spent Shabbot in our community last week.  Fourteen students and four staff members arrived Friday afternoon from Gush Etzion to spend the Day of Rest seeing the views, enjoying the home cooked food/home baked Challah, singing, dancing and relishing in the unique energy

Siyum and BBQ

Celebration of the completion of the 1st Chapter of Berachot and a fruitful 6 months of learning in the Yeshiva for Olim It was the eve of elections in Israel, an auspicious time for Olim to gather in celebration. The evening started off with Adam’s Anglo families convening at

Putting the Hagadah Aside

It is such an important night, an opportunity to inspire and spiritually invigorate our children, family and friends.  But how will we do it?  What’s our approach?  How will we appeal both to the young and the older, reach the educated and uninformed?  Perhaps these are questions

Bar Mitzvah Celebration of an Oleh!

“Many thank you’s for everyone who came out yesterday morning to join in a beautiful and everlasting moment of my life!  And many, many, special thank you’s go out for those who contributed to the blessed gift of Tefillin that I received!!  It truly means a great deal

Adam Shabbos Experience hosts…

Parshat Yitro, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah of Ramat Beit Shemesh sent a wonderful group of guys to enjoy Shabbot in Adam.  The weather over the weekend was picture perfect and the ruach/energy from the students was gripping. As one of the students put it, “This Shabbos on Yishuv

6 Years Since Our First Event!

We’ll be hosting a Six-Year-Anniversary Shabbatone this Weekend in Honor of the Occasion We have wonderful memories of our Kick-off event with Rav Dovid Weinberg (see features picture with the group). Below you can read the first ever email Dvar Torah that we sent out before the

Atniel Katan’s entrance into the IDF

After spending five months learning at Oro Shel Adam, the Portland native enters Tzaha”l  After his first two weeks in basic training, last Shabbot we welcomed Atniel Katan back to Adam.  We celebrated his birthday which fell out last week, but most of all we toasted his initiation

Aliyah Out-Reach at Times of Need

Olim Network Expanding Recently, Rav Shalom and family traveled to Tzfat to spend the Day of Rest with Oro Shel Adam Alumni and friends. A year ago, Ari Serap (to the left of Rav Shalom) was in our yeshiva, learning Torah in the morning and working in the afternoon.

Special Shiur for Parshah Lech Lecha

This is a special shiur for Parshah Lech Lecha as preparation for our upcoming Shabbaton in honor of Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s yarzheit. We ask the question why isn’t the land of Canaan mentioned by name when Hashem tells Abraham to go and why is Abraham selected to