Families in Yishuv AdamAbsorption to Yishuv Adam

Oro Shel Adam facilitates and helps English speaking families with settlement, adjustment and absorption to Yishuv Adam. Oro Shel Adam advises families by guiding them and giving them important information regarding settlement in the Yishuv. With the help of our organization, families can visit and spend Shabbos in Adam to see if it is suited for them. Oro Shel Adam also assists families with housing and apartment hunting. Oro Shel Adam is creating services which will help English speaking families after they move to the Yishuv.

For more information about Yishuv Adam see the Nefesh B’Nefesh Yishuv Adam web-page:

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IMG_3919   Family Events and Programs

Oro Shel Adam runs events and programs for Anglo families in the Yishuv. By bringing English speaking families together for social events, families feel a greater sense of connection to the people and their home in Yishuv Adam. Since the organization was founded, we hosted a Chanuka event for children, an afternoon of tree planting on Tu Bshvat and “Chagigot” during the Holidays. Our most successful event was a Youth Marathon. Over two hundred kids from religious and secular homes ran in the marathon.