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Mishkan, what is its Purpose?

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Teruma, we are introduced to the concept of building the Mishkan\Tabernacle.  God instructs Moshe Rabbenu about the different vessels and the external structure which will house the Divine Presence in camp of the Bnai Yisrael.  What is the purpose of the Mishkan?  Why

Priorities in Prayer

The first story of ויצא, Yaakov’s departure from E”Y, is teaching us fundamental principles about Tefilla.  Already from the second pasuk in the parsha the Torah states,  .”ויפגע במקום”” Yaakov encountered the place.”  Rashi expounds, that the word ויפגע connotes Tefilla.  What are we learning about the

Pesach Prepared Properly

The period before Pesach is known to be among the most stressful periods of the Jewish year.  The endless and sometimes excessive cleaning that goes on in Jewish homes, koshering dishes, expensive trips to the Super-market all make for an extremely pressurized time.  It’s a miracle in

“Shovavim” – What is it?

This week, the period of the year in the Jewish calendar known as שובבי”ם, commences.  שובבי”ם is Roshai Tovos (an anacronym) for the names of the weekly portions of Shmos, Va’ara, Bo, B’shalach, Yisro, Mishpatim).   And this year because it is a leap year Shovavim extends to

The Joy of Yom Kippur

Someone once saw Rav Shlomo Carlebach Z”L joyfully accepting the chag of Yom Kippur.  They asked him, “Rav Shlomo, how can you be filled with so much simcha at a serious moment like this?”  Rav Shlomo responded, “I am about ready to be sentenced in court.  If