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Shabbos Experience

The Oro Shel Adam Shabbos Experience has returned in full swing!  After giving birth to a baby girl and then making a month long bat-mitzvah celebration for our eldest daughter, Rebbetzin Batya Miller has returned to cook shabbos for ten.  We hosted a group of guys from

Priorities in Prayer

The first story of ויצא, Yaakov’s departure from E”Y, is teaching us fundamental principles about Tefilla.  Already from the second pasuk in the parsha the Torah states,  .”ויפגע במקום”” Yaakov encountered the place.”  Rashi expounds, that the word ויפגע connotes Tefilla.  What are we learning about the

Summer Wrap-Up

As we usher in year #4 of official Oro Shel Adam activity, things in the program and in or community are as good as ever. In addition to other smaller shabbatonim and programs, the highlight of the summer was our massive yearly BBQ for Olim in Gan

Aliyah Celebration Night!

With the tragedies and terror attacks all around us and very painful (especially the attack which occurred outside of Adam), we need to also celebrate the blessing of living in Israel!  In honor of the first Jew who made Aliyah (Parshat Lech-Licha), Avraham Avinu, we celebrated our own

Simchas Torah in Adam

Once on Simchas Torah the Kutzker Rebbe, Rav Menachem Mendal, saw the Chasidim wildly celebrating (I give us a bracha that we should err on excessive simcha and not be saying to ourselves “when is this thing going to end”) and commented, “What’s all of the fuss for!? 

Rosh Hashana Message 5776

We read in Parshat Nitzavim of the entirety of Am Yisrael standing together in Brit.  This powerful image, year in and year out, prepares us to stand together on Rosh Hashana.  We no doubt, stand together with our family and community in the most literal way as