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New Ulpan in Adam

What are the keys to making it in Israel? Making a living, finding the right community, adjusting to the new cultural norms… Language is a crucial component for integration when settling in a new country. It’s hard to imagine a successful Aliyah to Israel without Hebrew speaking

Introducing Adam’s Newest Couple

With no guarantees that anything would change in the near future, Maya and Shimon saw no reason to wait and pushed up their wedding two months and then moved to Adam. The story- Recently, Rav Shalom had the privilege of meeting and escorting Shimon Aflolo to Tivel (dunk in the Mikveh)

Yom Haatzmaut: What are we Celebrating?

The process of the return of Am Yisrael back to Eretz Yisrael includes perhaps the greatest set of miracles that has happened to the Jewish People over the last 2,000 years.  Concentrated and unified (for the most part) Jewish efforts geared toward materializing a dream, spanning more

Drinking on Purim???

The behavior in the first chapter of Megillat Esther is repulsive.  A hundred and eighty day long drinking party, concluded by a seven day wine-fest finale, the flaunting of wealth and honor, license for reckless behavior כרצון איש ואיש and Queen Vashti being forced to appear naked

Reactions to the Adam Shabbos Experience

“Thank you so much for giving us the Shabbos of a lifetime!  From the Ruchnius to the views here in Yishuv Adam to the food and hospitality, everything was amazing!  Allowing us to experience a Shabbot like this will definitely enhance our learning throughout the upcoming weeks,

Oro Shel Adam Kollel

Our students have the privilege of enjoying the Torah atmosphere created by the Oro Shel Adam Kollel.  Our kollel and beit-midrash, the only one in Yishuv Adam, was formed mainly so that the Olim, former lone soldiers in our program and the greater Adam community would be able to learn

MAZEL TOV! Welcome to our new Website!

We are so thrilled to be sharing our new website with you! The Oro Shel Adam website will give access to all our viewers for the following: 1) Information about Oro Shel Adam (non-profit organization) and all of our activity 2) Weekly Divrei Torah 3) Important information