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Making Seder of the Seder

There has been more literature written about the Haggadah than any other Jewish text.  As much attention as the Seder receives, nonetheless, basic ideas of the overall structure of the Haggadah, specifically Maggid, remain unknown by many.  Based on the approach of Rav Reuven Taragin (a Rebbe

Purim in Adam: the 14th or the 15th of Adar?

Living in modern day, continuously expanding State of Israel creates interesting practical questions in Jewish law. Nine out of the twelve years that we have been married, the Miller Family has lived on the outskirts of Yerushalayim.  Places like Mevasseret Tzion, where we spent our first four

Biblical Figures Exemplifying True Leadership

What does it take to be a Jewish leader? Parshat Titzaveh usually falls out the shabbot before Purim.  What is the connection between the two? How does Titzaveh help prepare us for Purim? Parshat Titzaveh is the only parsha in the Torah (from Moshe’s birth in P’

Mishkan, what is its Purpose?

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Teruma, we are introduced to the concept of building the Mishkan\Tabernacle.  God instructs Moshe Rabbenu about the different vessels and the external structure which will house the Divine Presence in camp of the Bnai Yisrael.  What is the purpose of the Mishkan?  Why

Illuminating the Exile

Daily Torah learning at Oro Shel Adam Yeshiva for Olim is as strong as ever. In addition to daily learning in our Beit Midrash, Olim and IDF Lone Soldiers are encouraged to join us each Monday night’s for dinner at 7:20, maariv at 8 and a Torah

Priorities in Prayer

The first story of ויצא, Yaakov’s departure from E”Y, is teaching us fundamental principles about Tefilla.  Already from the second pasuk in the parsha the Torah states,  .”ויפגע במקום”” Yaakov encountered the place.”  Rashi expounds, that the word ויפגע connotes Tefilla.  What are we learning about the

Taking the Torah Home With Us

How do we understand the sequence of Parshat Be’haalotcha being read the first Shabbot (in Israel) after Matan Torah? Most of the parsha can be divided into three parts which can be categorized as preparing to leave Har Sinai, leaving, and the outcome of leaving.  The three

Pesach Prepared Properly

The period before Pesach is known to be among the most stressful periods of the Jewish year.  The endless and sometimes excessive cleaning that goes on in Jewish homes, koshering dishes, expensive trips to the Super-market all make for an extremely pressurized time.  It’s a miracle in

“Shovavim” – What is it?

This week, the period of the year in the Jewish calendar known as שובבי”ם, commences.  שובבי”ם is Roshai Tovos (an anacronym) for the names of the weekly portions of Shmos, Va’ara, Bo, B’shalach, Yisro, Mishpatim).   And this year because it is a leap year Shovavim extends to