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Weekly DT: Attention Males who are Dating

Every founder of a company or organization has an ultimate vision of how things will look one day – that perfect picture in their mind.  For most founders, it’s digging your feet deep into the sand on some exotic Island while the company is operating smoothly thousands

Weekly DT: Family Feud

During the week I was in contact, via Facebook, “with the rabbi that turned atheist” from last week’s discussion.  I wanted him to see my response to his comments.  We had a pleasant exchange.  He wrote me, “Thanks Shalom, I am sorry that the show upset you.

Response to rabbi that turns atheist

At the beginning of the week I came across the radio show of a “Rabbi” who is “struggling with his faith,” as he said. Throughout the show he made numerous disturbing comments which included questioning the morality of the Torah and some of the Mitzvot, rejecting Revelation

Weekly DT: Community Central

During the course of the last few makkot, the discussion between Moshe Rabbenu and Pharoah turns from if Bnai Yisrael will be leaving Egypt to who will be leaving Egypt. Pharoah’s “tug of war” about the terms of the Exodus is satirical. Knowing that he lost this

Weekly DT: Destiny

D’var Torah (Comments and reactions are always welcomed in response to the ideas presented in the Dvar Torah) Hashem bringing B’nai Yisrael to Eretz Yisrael emerges as a major theme in the early stages of Sefer Shemot.  Almost every time the ensuing redemption is mentioned, it is