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The Holiness of the Land

Yom Haatzmaut runs straight (at least ה’ אייר does) into Parshiyot Acharai Mot/Kedoshim that we will be reading this Shabbot.  What is the significance of reading these two Torah portions immediately following our celebration of Yom Haatzmaut? The overall theme of Acharai Mot and that of Kedoshim

Israel – Our Treasure

The focus of the third week of the Omer is the attribute of Tiferet.  Commonly translated as splendor or harmony, this midda is personified by Yaakov Avinu.  Yaakov was the “bachir haAvot” or the select individual among our exalted Avot.  He attained this status because he was

Making Seder of the Seder – Part II

After the first two cycles of questions, presenting the “gnut” or humiliation of the Exodus story, completed each time with praise of Hashem, discussed in Part I, we then come to “.והיא שעמדה” What role does והיא שעמדה play at this point? If you look closely at

Making Seder of the Seder

There has been more literature written about the Haggadah than any other Jewish text.  As much attention as the Seder receives, nonetheless, basic ideas of the overall structure of the Haggadah, specifically Maggid, remain unknown by many.  Based on the approach of Rav Reuven Taragin (a Rebbe

Get to Know Geva Binyamin BBQ

The doors are open and we might as well start burning the chametz. We’re hosting a Barbecue and open-house next Monday, March 12, so you can meet the people, learn with the staff and get to know the beauty of Geva Binyamin – Adam. Located in the

Helping Olim Feel At Home

From it’s inception, Oro Shel Adam was meant to be a safe haven for Lone Soldiers, new Olim and families making Aliyah. Learn about Rabbi Miller’s vision for our beautiful community nestled in the hills of the ancient tribe of Binyamin.

Career Night in Oro Shel Adam

Oro Shel Adam is committed to both the spiritual and worldly growth of our Olim. Recently (1/17/18), we invited R’ Tzvi Broker, a professional career counselor, to speak to our Olim about “Successfully navigating through Israel’s Professional and work world.”  Tzvi gave a fantastic talk to a

“Israeli Right Political Thought”

  Oro Shel Adam Lecture: This coming Monday (29/2), @ 8:15PM Adam’s own Ariel Kahana, a correspondent for Mikor Rishon, will be lecturing in English in our home on the topic of “Israeli Right Political Thought.”  A light refreshment will be served.  All are invited to join.

New Students in the Yeshiva

It has been an exciting past couple of weeks.  Recently, we welcomed two new students to the yeshiva.  Chaim Ryesky, of Long Island origin, moved into the yeshiva’s apartment a week and a half ago.  Chaim will be focusing on Gemara skills in his Torah learning and

Sheva Brachos for our Student!

It was an honor for us to host the Sheva Brachot of David and Smadar Levine Tuesday night in Adam! A very special simcha for Am Yisrael and Oro Shel Adam. Mazal Tov to the Levines. David Levine was the first guy to make Aliyah, do the