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Get to Know Geva Binyamin BBQ

The doors are open and we might as well start burning the chametz. We’re hosting a Barbecue and open-house next Monday, March 12, so you can meet the people, learn with the staff and get to know the beauty of Geva Binyamin – Adam. Located in the

Career Night in Oro Shel Adam

Oro Shel Adam is committed to both the spiritual and worldly growth of our Olim. Recently (1/17/18), we invited R’ Tzvi Broker, a professional career counselor, to speak to our Olim about “Successfully navigating through Israel’s Professional and work world.”  Tzvi gave a fantastic talk to a

Celebrating Four Years of Aliyah Outreach!

Students, family and friends gathered together for an end of the summer BBQ to celebrate Oro Shel Adam’s fourth birthday!  It was so nice to have students, past and present join us in Adam for burgers, hot-dogs, birthday wishes L’chaims.  We would like to thank once again

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Adam for Shabbos!

Recently, the Adam Shabbos Experience hosted Lev HaTorah for a Shabbatone.  The group enjoyed an unforgettable Shabbos which featured Torah classes, lively and spirited shabbos meals, a tour of the community in Adam and much more.  In addition, the weather and the views looking into the Jordan

Shabbos Experience

The Oro Shel Adam Shabbos Experience has returned in full swing!  After giving birth to a baby girl and then making a month long bat-mitzvah celebration for our eldest daughter, Rebbetzin Batya Miller has returned to cook shabbos for ten.  We hosted a group of guys from


With great joy and excitement, we share that we will be welcoming a new Sefer Torah to the community the fifth day of Chanuka, כט כסליו, Thursday, December 29th.  This project began two and half years ago and we will joyously celebrate its completion in the coming

First Ever Oro Shel Adam Siyum!

After 9 months of consistent Torah learning, Zev Hoffman, an oleh from California, and Rav Shalom Miller made a siyum on Massechet Megilla (See picture)!  The pair studied together numerous times each week, totaling over 100 learning sessions, to achieve the feat.  Oro Shel Adam students and Adam

2016 Adam Youth Marathon Report

The Oro Shel Adam team of volunteers couldn’t be any more thrilled about the results of yesterday’s marathon. Watching 170 orange-men and orange-woman, ages 5-15, running in three different marathon tracks across the Yishuv, was truly a wonderful sight to behold. The event didn’t happen without major