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Water Hike from Adam

One of the nice features of Yishuv Adam is that Nachal Prat, a beautiful, green, fresh oasis is located in close proximity to our community. Every summer, Oro Shel Adam takes its Olim and students on a local Hike to Nachal Prat. This year we topped it

New! Beit Knesset Oro Shel Adam

With family, community members and yeshiva students in attendance, we fixed the Mezuzah for Beit Kneset Oro Shel Adam.  Rav Shalom’s Mother, Mrs. Miller, may she be blessed until 120, made the special Mezuzah case and Rav Shalom wrote the Mezuzah for the new shul.  After the

Chanuka 5780 in Adam

We had 3 Wonderful events throughout Chanuka. We’ll start with the finale. Our Chanuka concluded with a beautiful community wide dinner and celebration on the “9th Night” as seen in the cover photo. Miriam and Chaim Leichman hosted a festive meal – which was “a mean vegetable

From Adam into the IDF

This past Thursday night 8/29/19 a special IDF “Swearing in” ceremony took place at the Kotel.  Zack Jacob, a former Oro Shel Adam student, joined hundreds others from his army unit of “Kfir” as they will proudly swore into Tzaha”l.  The emotional ceremony included speechs from IDF

Special Needs Program in Adam

For the 5th straight year, Yeshivat Darkaynu spent Shabbot in our community last week.  Fourteen students and four staff members arrived Friday afternoon from Gush Etzion to spend the Day of Rest seeing the views, enjoying the home cooked food/home baked Challah, singing, dancing and relishing in the unique energy

Siyum and BBQ

Celebration of the completion of the 1st Chapter of Berachot and a fruitful 6 months of learning in the Yeshiva for Olim It was the eve of elections in Israel, an auspicious time for Olim to gather in celebration. The evening started off with Adam’s Anglo families convening at

Bar Mitzvah Celebration of an Oleh!

“Many thank you’s for everyone who came out yesterday morning to join in a beautiful and everlasting moment of my life!  And many, many, special thank you’s go out for those who contributed to the blessed gift of Tefillin that I received!!  It truly means a great deal

Adam Shabbos Experience hosts…

Parshat Yitro, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah of Ramat Beit Shemesh sent a wonderful group of guys to enjoy Shabbot in Adam.  The weather over the weekend was picture perfect and the ruach/energy from the students was gripping. As one of the students put it, “This Shabbos on Yishuv