“I never thought we would make it here” Liah, mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Osher’s Bar Mitzvah, a first at Oro Shel Adam, brought to surface many challenges. 
Will it be safe?  Will people come?  Will Pandemic restrictions force us to cancel the Simcha? 

Osher, the Bar Mitzvah boy with Rav Shalom

These are only a few of the questions we asked and all “party planners” have been asking themselves when planning a celebration during this Pandemic.  Despite all of the concerns, two weeks ago Beit Knesset Oro Shel Adam hosted a beautiful Bar Mitzvah.

Liah Yisrael (embracing her son the Bar Mitzvah boy), mother of 7, has been living in Adam numerous years.  Having made aliyah from New Jersey, she was happy to see and participate in the forming of an Anglo community.  She called Rav Shalom soon after Shavuot to discuss her son Osher’s Bar Mitzvah.   

Shabbat morning – Parshat Pinchas, July 11th, Osher was called to the Torah, in front of a full capacity crowd at Oro Shel Adam.  The smile and excitement on Osher’s face was unmistakable.  After the Aliyah, the Kehila showered Osher with an endless barrage of candies.  Rav Shalom blessed the Bar-Mitzvah-Groom (as they are called in Israel) that he follow the brave path of Yehoshua, who is chosen in Parshat Pinchas to be the next leader of the Jewish People, when they enter the land of Israel.  Leaders are faced with and must overcome many challenges.  A young man coming of age during a global epidemic is faced with much the same. 

Throwing a Kiddush and making sure it is safe during a pandemic is not an easy task, but it is necessary in order to properly celebrate and mark the moment at an important life cycle event.  Every person was given a “personal platter” in order to limit contact.  The out door kiddush-court at Oro Shel Adam allowed the attendees to keep the necessary distance from one another.

Liah, proud mother filled with only nachas and joy, turned to the guests with a tear in her eye and said, “I never thought we would make it here.”  When you plan a celebration during a pandemic how can you be certain about anything?

When all aspects of a celebratory occasion are executed according to plan, joy is felt by all and no one emerges sick with Covid-19, mother and son, Rabbi and community, are left with nothing to say but,
“Blessed are you Hashem, our God, King of the Universe, Who has kept us alive, sustained us and brought us to this auspicious time.”  

Bar Mitzvah preparatory session

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