“Kabbalah Center” – Where did it come from?

Rabbi Miller and family moved to a Kabbalistic community in Adam 10 years ago and discovered Rav Yehuda Leib Ashlog ZT”L

This coming Wednesday night at 8:30pm Oro Shel Adam, yeshiva and community for Olim, will be completing the Introduction to Rav Ashlog’s Talmud Eser Sfirot. We will be celebrating with a festive meal in honor of the accomplishment. It will cap two months of daily learning, each day for 2 hours.

Rabbi Miller has been studying and teaching Ashlog Kabbalah now for the last 10 years since moving to Adam in 2010. When the Miller Family moved to Adam they were introduced to Rav Ashlog, who is responsible for the wide spread of Kabbalah in modern times (the last 80 years).

Rav Ashlog subscribed to the belief that it was time to both organize the teachings of the great Ari Z”l (Tzfat 16th Cent.) and write a commentary to explain and develop the Kabbalistic ideas. He did so in his work Talmud Eser Sfirot. Rav Ashlog also wrote a full commentary on the Zohar called the Parush Hasulam.

After Rav Ashlog published his works this allowed for the wide spread of Kabbalah learning and teaching. Two generations later the Berg Family founded the Kabbalah Center, which is based on the teachings and works of Rav Yehuda Leib Ashlog.

We are privileged to have completed the Introduction of Talmud Eser Sfirot. Our students are looking forward to starting the main body of the work with Rabbi Miller.

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