New Ulpan in Adam

What are the keys to making it in Israel? Making a living, finding the right community, adjusting to the new cultural norms…

Language is a crucial component for integration when settling in a new country. It’s hard to imagine a successful Aliyah to Israel without Hebrew speaking and reading skills.

Over the past 7 years of our existence Oro Shel Adam has taught Olim in our program Hebrew reading skills, but never in an official Ulpan context.

Oro Shel Adam is now opening a new Ulpan for Olim which will take place in Yishuv Adam, 5 mins. north of Jerusalem.

The Ulpan will be Ivrit b’Ivrit (Hebrew taught in Hebrew) and will focus on speaking and reading. The Ulpan is mixed, open for men and woman.
For more information reach out to Rav Shalom Miller at:

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