New! Beit Knesset Oro Shel Adam

With family, community members and yeshiva students in attendance, we fixed the Mezuzah for Beit Kneset Oro Shel Adam.  Rav Shalom’s Mother, Mrs. Miller, may she be blessed until 120, made the special Mezuzah case and Rav Shalom wrote the Mezuzah for the new shul.  After the ceremony, we enjoyed a festive meal to celebrate the Chanukat Beit HaKnesset.  It was truly a joyous celebration!

Purim costumes and celebration at the New Shul

The opening ceremony was followed by the opening Shabbot for Kehilat Oro Shel Adam.  Special guests including Dr. and Mrs. Ellis and Mr. and Mrs. Miller joined the community for the inaugural Shabbot of the new Shul.  At Friday night dovining there was standing room only because of the crowd that was on hand.  After Shabbot morning tfillot and Torah reading (Parshat Zachor), the community came together for a celebratory Kiddush.  Rav Shalom’s Father, Mr. Michael Miller, gave a beautiful Dvar Torah and Divrai Bracha.  Shabbot afternoon we had the first Torah class in the new Beit Midrash on the topic of “The Laws of Purim.”

We are in search of a kind donor to partner with us, dedicate the Shul and name the building.  This is a unique Mitzvah and opportunity to participate in the building of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael.  It is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen a community of Olim and Lone Soldiers.  The merits and rewards of such a dedication are endless.  The individual that successfully helps us find the Oro Shel Adam Shul Dedication Donor will be graciously thanked with a special gift.

Miller Family at Inaugural Celebration

For more information about the building project or to participate in this special campaign please contact Rav Shalom at Orosheladam@gmail.