Introducing Adam’s Newest Couple

With no guarantees that anything would change in the near future, Maya and Shimon saw no reason to wait and pushed up their wedding two months and then moved to Adam. The story-

Maya and Shimon Aflolo
Ladies Shabbotone in Adam with Maya Mali in 2018
Shimon and Maya

Recently, Rav Shalom had the privilege of meeting and escorting Shimon Aflolo to Tivel (dunk in the Mikveh) his new dishes for his new home on Levona, just up the street from the Millers!  One can tell immediately that the high from his recent and sudden marriage to Maya has yet to wear off.  Shimon (23) made Aliyah from Brazil a year and eight months ago. 
Batya and I met Maya and her sisters Shani and Shira Mali two years ago when they came to visit Adam Pesach of 2018.  That summer they participated in an Oro Shel Adam ladies shabbotone.   The Mali Family made Aliyah from the Portland, Oregon area a few years ago and now reside on a Moshav in Northern Israel.  Wanting to be closer to Jerusalem while maintaining the more rural, town-like feeling, the Mali girls had discussed moving to Adam.  It was not meant to be until…
Shimon and Maya were engaged December 11th and the wedding was planned for early June.  The couple was in touch with us in February and came to look at apartments in Adam at that time.  Then Corona broke out…
While many of us sat in quarantine or lock-down in late March, Maya and Shimon, after consulting with their rabbis and families, decided that the best thing to do was to get married. On March 31st, 8 days before Pesach the couple was married in a petite and beautiful back-yard Chupah on the Mali’s Moshav.  
The Aflolo’s simple but pure-joy wedding and their arrival to Adam are of great inspiration to us.  There is much pain and suffering in the world.  Each of us is struggling in our Corona filled reality in one way or another; it’s impossible not to be.  Shimon and Maya decided to advance, build, commit, and toast, not break, over a Corona. 
At a time like this, we feel blessed to welcome our first couple to the newly initiated Kehilat Oro Shel Adam. 
May their Mazal and Bracha be long-lasting, and may it spread to us and to the entire world – Amen.
Mazal Tov!