Turning an Exciting Corner for the Anglo Olim of Adam

Oro Shel Adam Mission Statement

For seven years Oro Shel Adam has enjoyed a prosperous and productive relationship with the Israeli community in Adam. In that time we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of Olim and Lone soldiers find a community, firm grounding in Torah and mitzvot while learning to integrate into Israeli society. The result has been mutually beneficial with many of our families and students transitioning well into Israeli society and their IDF service. At the same time, the Israeli community has benefited from the unique contribution of Anglo families and Olim.

That being said, Anglo families and Olim have a different vision, communal needs and aspirations from those of the Israeli community. As such, it is necessary to create a new shul, Anglo leadership and community life which will better serve the Olim community. Oro Shel Adam and associates have decided to build a new Beit Knesset and create a new kehila (community). This will attract larger numbers of Anglo Olim to the Adam community and yeshiva. Kehilat Oro Shel Adam will create many new avenues and opportunities for the Oro Shel Adam students and English speaking community of Adam including: broadening the Adam Anglo network, new Torah learning classes, social events, holiday gatherings and programs. In short, as a result of Kehilat Oro Shel Adam more Olim will be reached in more ways.

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We have already formed a “Kehila committee” of individuals who will be helping the new community off the ground.  The committee includes Yossi Weiss, Faige Peskin, Miriam Liechman, Yehuda Rosen, Batya Miller and Rav Shalom.  

Oro Shel Adam’s plan is to build Beit Knesset and Kehilat Oro Shel Adam while maintaining our current yeshiva program and Aliyah outreach to Olim and IDF Lone Soldiers.  

Construction (as you see from the cover picture) for Beit Knesset Oro Shel Adam is underway and projected to finish February 15th, 2020.   

Friends and supporters of Oro Shel Adam that would like to hear more details and would like to take part in helping our building project are encouraged to be in touch with us.  Please contact Rav Shalom at 972-52-899-6502 or at orosheladam@gmail.com.

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Thank you,

Rav Shalom Miller