Chanuka 5780 in Adam

We had 3 Wonderful events throughout Chanuka.

We’ll start with the finale. Our Chanuka concluded with a beautiful community wide dinner and celebration on the “9th Night” as seen in the cover photo. Miriam and Chaim Leichman hosted a festive meal – which was “a mean vegetable cuisine!” Adam’s Angloes had ball!

Chanuka Lights and Latkas Event

On the Second Night of the eight day festival we hosted a Lights and Latkas event for men. Rebbetzin Batya Miller makes world famous Latkas and the fried potato patties did not disappoint.

Adam’s ladies had a special privilege. Dr. Dvori Blumenau, certified psychologist who was visiting Israel from South Africa, gave an enlightening talk about the different facets of the human personality named “Who am I?”. Dr. Dvori engaged all those that attended this successful night.

A Jam packed and Most Memorable Chanuka 5780!