From Adam into the IDF

This past Thursday night 8/29/19 a special IDF “Swearing in” ceremony took place at the Kotel.  Zack Jacob, a former Oro Shel Adam student, joined hundreds others from his army unit of “Kfir” as they will proudly swore into Tzaha”l.  The emotional ceremony included speechs from IDF generals, reading sections from Tana”ch, giving each soldier their own copy of the Tanach along with thier gun and the Oath itself.  Oro Shel Adam takes great pride in Zack’s service in the army!



Here’s the story:
I met Zack, originally from Boca Raton FL, four years ago in 2015 when he came to Adam for shabbot with Michael Miller and his buddies from Bar Ilan University. In June of this year Zack, moved into our Yeshiva for Olim and IDF Lone Soldiers.  He spent 6 weeks with us, learning Torah half the day and preparing for the army the second half.  Last week, the army called him to report to basic training in the infantry unit of Kfir.

We wish Zack only safety and success during his army service in the IDF!

Rabbi Shalom Miller