Siyum and BBQ

Celebration of the completion of the 1st Chapter of Berachot and a fruitful 6 months of learning in the Yeshiva for Olim

It was the eve of elections in Israel, an auspicious time for Olim to gather in celebration.
The evening started off with Adam’s Anglo families convening at the Miller’s for a spring BBQ. Conversation was dominated by discussions of Bennet, Bibi and Benny.  (For those keeping score the 7,000 residents of Adam overwhelmingly supported Likud in the recent elections.)
As day turned to night, the crowd turned from families to yeshiva guys.
Students, friends and rabbis of Oro Shel Adam came together to celebrate the culmination of the winter session of Torah learning in yeshiva, during which we completed the first perek of Talmud Berachot and Hilchot Deot of the Rambam.  Most special about the night, in addition to the sizzling hot dogs and Hamburgers, were the Divrai Torah that the students delivered about the learning they had done throughout the 6 month learning semester.  We sang, we ate, and we celebrated the privilege to be able to study and grow in Torah in our ancestral Home-Land at a remarkable time in Jewish history.