Bar Mitzvah Celebration of an Oleh!

“Many thank you’s for everyone who came out yesterday morning to join in a beautiful and everlasting moment of my life!  And many, many, special thank you’s go out for those who contributed to the blessed gift of Tefillin that I received!!  It truly means a great deal to me.”  CJ Tynan
Recently, Oro Shel Adam Yeshiva and community experienced something which will stay with us for many years to come.
A group of twenty people made it out on a chilly Jerusalem winter morning to the Kotel to mark the Bar Mitzvah celebration of CJ.  As we related previously, the Chicago native never had a Bar Mitzvah celebration in his youth and was never presented with Tfillin.  With the kindness and generosity of a group of donors including Mr. and Mrs. Rosen, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Isaacs, Mr. and Mrs. Tenenbaum and Juli Fridman we were able to give CJ a brand new pair of Tfillin and have a small celebratory meal after the Bar Mitzvah service.
We thank these donors and all Oro Shel Adam supporters for making life changing experiences possible for our Olim!