Atniel Katan’s entrance into the IDF

After spending five months learning at Oro Shel Adam, the Portland native enters Tzaha”l 

After his first two weeks in basic training, last Shabbot we welcomed Atniel Katan back to Adam.  We celebrated his birthday which fell out last week, but most of all we toasted his initiation into the Israeli army.
I do not think that the IDF will appreciate Atniel’s personality and sense of humor as much as we did during his five months of Torah study in our program, but he will certainly add optimism and cheer to the army service of his fellow cadets.
Our lone soldier, who will be keeping his residence in Adam, is currently based in Michve Alon (near Tzfat) and will eventually take a position in the Israeli Navy working as an engineer.  We take great pride in Atniel and his army service!
We hosted Atniel and his friends for a special “welcome home” Shabbot.


Recently, we welcomed new and “old” guys to the program. Rafael Lawrence from Denver and Ari Serap, famed “Parshat Time” Master have joined our group at Oro Shel Adam, yeshiva for Olim. Welcome to Adam and Bruchim Habaim!