Aliyah Out-Reach at Times of Need

Olim Network Expanding

Recently, Rav Shalom and family traveled to Tzfat to spend the Day of Rest with Oro Shel Adam Alumni and friends.

A year ago, Ari Serap (to the left of Rav Shalom) was in our yeshiva, learning Torah in the morning and working in the afternoon. His learning was strong and life was smooth. Ari has been an important part of the Oro Shel Adam yeshiva and network since the winter of 2015.
Then all of sudden things came to a crashing halt a month later when Ari received tragic news about his father, Earl Serap Z”L the last day of Chanuka.
Ari completed saying kaddish a week and half ago. Recently, the Miller Family headed up Tzfat to show Ari support as he transitioned into the final stage of Avalut.  Oro Shel Adam has been there for Ari during the difficult year of mourning for a parent.
Aliyah out-reach means supporting our Olim both at the moments of joy and sadness.