OSA Yeshiva and Aliyah Outreach Surge Forward!

We look forward to kicking off our winter session in Oro Shel Adam, which starts in one week!  In addition to other areas of study, our main focus will be to continue our study of Talmud Kiddushin – the Laws of Jewish Marriage.

We enjoyed an action packed Sukkot and holiday season in Adam.  The third night of Sukkot we hosted an Oro Shel Adam Simchat Beit Hashoeva in the Miller Family Sukka.  It was a simcha filled event with great food, Divrai Torah and holiday singing.

Erev Rosh Hashana Oro Shel Adam Rav Shalom and Atniel Katan (Oleh and OSA student) passed out 30 packages to Lone IDF soldiers and Chayalim.  We take great pride in our yearly project to pass out special home-made care packages to the heroes who bravely serve Israel in the IDF!

On Hoshana Raba we had a special night of learning in the yeshiva.  It marked the end of our 7 week Ellul learning session.  During this period, we completed 7 pages of Gemara Kiddushin (29-35), which mostly focuses on the Mitzvah of honoring parents.

Yashar Koach and congradulations to our students on a great Zman!