Lone Soldier Care-Package Project!

It’s that time of year!  Rebbetzin Batya Miller is busy baking baked goods for the Chayalim (soldiers).  

This coming Friday I will be joined by a couple of our students to pass out care-packages to IDF Lone Soldiers.  Every year at Oro Shel Adam we look forward to this opportunity to say thank you to our dear chayalim who do not have family local with whom to be able to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

We turn to you our dear and loyal supporters.  You have the special opportunity to partner with us in this tremendous Mitzvah.  Please help us show appreciation to a group of brave heroes who have volunteered to serve in Tzaha”l.

For just $18 you can give a soldier a sweet beginning to a new year!  For $100 you can give an entire chevra (group) of chayalim/chayalot packages of love.  And for $500 you can sponsor care-packages for an entire unit in the Israeli Army!

Please help us give these “Gifts of Love” to those that have earned it.

Link for the Donation:


Many Thanks!

Wishing all Friends a Shana Tova and year of health, happiness and bracha in every way!

Shalom Tzvi