The Dawn of a New Year

Return to the Beit Midrash after Summer Fun

Oro Shel Adam Olim returned to the Beit Midrash two weeks ago on Rosh Chodesh Elul after a short summer break.  We are continuing to study Talmud Kiddushin.  Our learning this zman is focusing on parents’ obligations to children and children’s obligations to parents, found on Kiddushin 29a.  We are thrilled that the new year in the yeshiva has commenced!  See picture

As we initiated a new session, we welcomed a new Oleh to our yeshiva.  Atniel Katan, originally from Portland, Oregon, made Aliyah this past February.  After taking an ulpan course in Raanana, he moved into our apartment for Olim and joined our yeshiva.  Atniel will be drafting into the IDF this coming December.  Our newest member is particularly happy to have left the hot and humid climate of Israel’s coast and thrilled be enjoying Adam’s milder and more pleasant summer air.  Baruch Haba Atniel!  (See picture of guy with mustache)

This shabbot, Parshat Ki Tatze, Oro Shel Adam is hosting our first Shabbatone of the season!

We would like to thank Mrs. Bonnie Kaufman Melloul for sponsoring the Shabbotone in loving memory of her father, Yitzchak ben Shmuel z”l, whose yahrzeit is coming up on the 17th of Elul.  She has been a wonderful friend and supporter of our project.  We bless Mrs. Melloul with many more years of health, happiness and length of days!  Shabbot has also been dedicated to the refua shlama of a close family friend.  We pray and hope that the New Year will bring a “sweetening of all harsh judgments.” Amen!

Ari Serap, a former Oro Shel Adam student, organized the group of 11 Olim and yeshiva students that will be joining us this Shabbot.  We thank him for all of his help to make the Shabbatone possible!

Just before the break, our dear student Tuvia Sleigh completed Mishnayot Berachot after working on it for a period of 3 months.  It is his first Siyum in his life.  Mazal Tov Tuvia!

Oro Shel Adam celebrated our 5th anniversary a few weeks ago.  We hosted families and friends for a summer BBQ on our patio.  We gave blessings and recalled memories of 5 years of outreach work with Olim over a BBQ dinner.  It was a sweet way to take in our 6th year.

May Hashem bless us to continue our mission with Olim for many years to come!