Sizzling Summer in OSA

It’s been an exciting opening of the summer in Oro Shel Adam!

Since Pesach we have been studying Gemara Kiddushin and laws of creating the marital bond between husband and wife.  It is an important area within Jewish law teaching us many fundamental concepts and principles.   We have completed the first 10 pages (dapim). Not only have the Oro Shel Adam students been diligent in the daily learning, they even took a review exam on the material we studied.

Within the last month, Oro Shel Adam welcomed new students to the program.  A year after Aliyah, Tuvia Sleigh (26) moved into the Oro Shel Adam apartment and program.  Tuvia made Aliyah from Nashville, Tennessee. Currently working on kitchen staff in a Jerusalem hostel, he will be looking to pursue a degree in English and communications. In addition to the gemara class, Tuvia is studying misnayot Brachot which gives him the opportunity to work on his Hebrew skills as well. See picture

David Cooper, the director of the new 2018 Oro Shel Adam video (https://www.facebook.com/orosheladam/videos/1031450263668921/), moved to Adam six months ago from the LA area.  He has been a great addition to the yeshiva and community.

The weekly Shiur in Nachlaot continues with a special T’filla Seminar.  All the classes have been directed and focused on Jewish Prayer.  See picture of the Nachlaot class

We have many events coming up including BBQs and shabbatonim.  Stay tuned!

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