Career Night in Oro Shel Adam

Oro Shel Adam is committed to both the spiritual and worldly growth of our Olim.

Recently (1/17/18), we invited R’ Tzvi Broker, a professional career counselor, to speak to our Olim about “Successfully navigating through Israel’s Professional and work world.”  Tzvi gave a fantastic talk to a group of about 15 Olim.  He gave the Olim essential guidance and practical tips of how to forward a career in Israel, which is not simple by any means.  He incorporated both exercises and real examples into the ideas he presented.  It was extremely positive and I had the feeling that the Olim walked away from the event with a lot of good content and food for thought as they take steps forward in their careers and Aliyah.

Other Updates:

Tu B’shvat Seder in Adam

Oro Shel Adam yeshiva students and Adam community members were invited for the special night of Fruit eating and words of Torah.   Led by Rebbetzin Batya, all those that attended enjoyed a lively and inspirational evening.



Philadelphia Shabbatone

Five years ago in January 2013 we hosted our first shabbatone in Adam.  Five years later, January 2018 we hosted our first ever Philly Shabbatone.  It was a stormy weekend in Israel, but that didn’t stop Jordan Panitch and friends from joining us in Adam.  Philadelphia area guys from all different yeshivas in Israel came together to share Philly stories, LMS legends, Kohelet/Akiba building fables and of course Eagles excitement!  Did I forget to mention that the Philly Shabbos was filled with words of Torah, “Ztionut,” lively singing and an overall great ruach.  See Pictures

We would like to thank Rabbi Avraham Shmidman, Morah D’atra of Lower Merion Synagogue, and the Lower Merion community for their help and support to make the Shabbatone possible.

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