Celebrating Four Years of Aliyah Outreach!

Students, family and friends gathered together for an end of the summer BBQ to celebrate Oro Shel Adam’s fourth birthday!  It was so nice to have students, past and present join us in Adam for burgers, hot-dogs, birthday wishes L’chaims.  We would like to thank once again Mr. and Mrs. Margules for sponsoring the event!  (see picture)

Activities in Oro Shel Adam have continued throughout the summer.  We have hosted shabbatonim for both our own students and Olim from the outside.  In addition to the Torah learning which went on throughout the entire summer, the program took a day trip to the beach in Tel-Aviv!  Swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea and relaxing on the beautiful Israeli beach was a wonderful way to enjoy a bonding experience. (see picture)  We finished off the day with a BBQ in the park.  What fun we had!

In the four years of official non-profit activity we have opened a yeshiva for Olim, hosted dozens of groups for shabbot, organized community marathons, helped Olim settle in Adam, written a Torah and many other things as well.  We are thankful and feel blessed to have reached this stage!  At the same time, we hope and pray that we will have the opportunity to increase our out-reach for Olim.  May Oro Shel Adam only grow and develop for many years to come, BE”H!


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