Sizzling Summer in Oro Shel Adam

While many programs in Israel are in summer recess, Oro Shel Adam is full swing!

This past week, we hosted our first BBQ of the season.  Our own students, Oro Shel Adam participants new and old, all came to enjoy burgers and hot-dogs on our patio.  We were celebrating the engagements of two special Oro Shel Adam students, Joel Mukilinser and Hayim Reysky.  Joel has been involved with us for 3 and half years and Hayim was in the yeshiva last year.  It is a great joy for us and the community to see and be a part of the most exciting time in their lives.  Rav Shalom Miller, OSA director, is studying with both of them in efforts to help prepare them for married life.  One never needs an excuse to have a BBQ with friends, but celebrating Joel’s and Hayim’s engagements brought added joy and sweetness to the burgers.  Mazal Tov!

We welcomed a new student to the yeshiva this week!  Ari Serap (27), an Oleh from Los Vegas, began studying with us.  He will be learning in the mornings and working in markteing and social media in the afternoons.  In the coming weeks he will be moving into the apartment for Olim as well.  After a year and a half of having Ari attend our shabbatonim, it’s great to have him with us full time.

Oro Shel Adam is as full now as its ever been!

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