Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Adam for Shabbos!

Recently, the Adam Shabbos Experience hosted Lev HaTorah for a Shabbatone.  The group enjoyed an unforgettable Shabbos which featured Torah classes, lively and spirited shabbos meals, a tour of the community in Adam and much more.  In addition, the weather and the views looking into the Jordan Valley were picture perfect.  February and March, after the major rains, are the most beautiful months of year to be in Adam.

After Shabbos, all of the guys wrote to us saying how much they enjoyed Shabbos in Adam.  Rav Mordechai Kaplan, who sent us the group said,

The guys really loved the Shabbos. Thank you so much.
Hashem should give you and your family much strength to continue to do great things for klal yisrael.
Thank you

One of the students wrote us something we have never seen before in the 25 groups that we have hosted.

He wrote:

This is the first Shabbot in my life that I have kept the Shabbot fully coming from a non-religious background.  Thank you.

The staff at Oro Shel Adam is glad to see that guys both enjoy shabbos in Adam and also find it be a deeply powerful experience!


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