Shabbos Experience

The Oro Shel Adam Shabbos Experience has returned in full swing!  After giving birth to a baby girl and then makingaish-guys-for-shabbos-in-adam a month long bat-mitzvah celebration for our eldest daughter, Rebbetzin Batya Miller has returned to cook shabbos for ten.  We hosted a group of guys from Aish HaTorah in the Oro Shel Adam yeshiva and dorm facility.

The Shabbos was a fantastic success!  The high level energy, excitement and words of Torah that the students brought to the shabbos was tremendous.  The group enjoyed three full Shabbos meals together, a Friday night oneg, study before Shachris at 7am, a shabbos morning kiddish and a walking tour in Adam.  The comradery and excitement of the group to spend Shabbos together in Adam was unmistakable.

Many said it was among the best shabbatote they have ever experienced!

Two special families, the Weinbergs and the Rosens, have been loving and supportive of Oro Shel Adam from day one.  We greatly appreciate their support of this project.  The Shabbos was dedicated to memory of their loved ones.

The shloshim of Shaindel Peirel bas Moshe, Mrs. Shirley Zelenetz Z”L, the dear mother of Mrs. Fran Weinber  will fall in the coming week.  May Fran and the entire Weinberg family have a nechama among the mourners of Israel.  The shabbos was dedicated L’ilui nishmata.

Mr. and Mrs. Ami Rosen have had a special place in helping us lift our yeshiva off the ground.  The Shabbos was dedicated in the memory of Ami’s Parents, L’luy nishmas Yehudis Gila bas Yitzchak Yaakov Hacohen Z”L and Harav Baruch ben Herschel Halevi Z”L.  They were two dear individuals to the Jewish community in Philadelphia.

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