With great joy and excitement, we share that we will be welcoming a new Sefer Torah to the community the fifth day of Chanuka, כט כסליו, Thursday, December 29th.  This project began two and half years ago and we will joyously celebrate its completion in the coming days.  We would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Ellis for sponsoring the Torah in memory of their parents and donating it to the yeshiva and our community in Adam.  It has been a special privilege for me to partner with them in this most auspicious mitzvah, project, life-time mile-stone which really defies words.  B’shaa Tova U’mutlachat!

With the generosity of the Ellis family, we have recently done some renovations to the building of the yeshiva by way of preparing “the home” for the new Torah.  We thank them as well for their support to beautify our Mikdash Me’at.

We would like to extend an invitation to all family and friends to the ceremony.  The procession begins at the Leichman Family (11 Irose St, Adam) at 11am.  The ceremony will take place in the Oro Shel Adam Beit Midrash (Aka “Beit Knesset Maayan Ganim”).   A Chanuka refreshment will be served following the ceremony.  Having had the privilege to write this Torah personally, it would mean so much to us if friends and family could join us!

Rabbi Shalom Miller

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