Care-Packages to IDF Lone Soldiers

The yearly Oro Shel Adam Rosh Hashana care packages to IDF Soldiers and Chayalim Bodedim has been launched!netzach-soldiers Since I returned back from my trip to the USA, much effort has been placed into reaching out to Lone Soldiers in order to give them some home baked goods, a dose of appreciation and best wishes for the New Year.   At the end of last week I met with a group of new soldiers including Benzi Aron from Denver, CO (Picture #1).  On Tuesday I took a ride to the army base in Ofrah, located 20 minutes North of Adam.  There I met a group of soldiers serving in Netzach Yehuda.  I met with Moishe Botnick, Tal Katz and Hershey Teiltlebaum (Picture#2).  Last night I greeted and thanked a group of soldiers at the Chizma Junction (Picture #3).  In two weeks over 50 care-packages were passed out.  What an honor to represent our program, the community and Am Yisrael in showing hakarat hatov to IDF soldiers!

rh-care-packagesThe Rosh Hashana care-packages have been made possible by the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Landes of NY.  They have been tremendous friends and supporters of Oro Shel Adam from Day One.  We thank them for enabling us to do this project, among the many things they have supported.

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