First Ever Oro Shel Adam Siyum!

After 9 months of consistent Torah learning, Zev Hoffman, an oleh from California, and Rav Shalom Miller made aLearning-with-Zev-Hoffman-Rav-Shalom-Miller siyum on Massechet Megilla (See picture)!  The pair studied together numerous times each week, totaling over 100 learning sessions, to achieve the feat.  Oro Shel Adam students and Adam community members were there to take part in the siyum.  After the siyum and lively dancing, the participants enjoyed a delicious celebratory meal made by Rebbetzin Batya Miller.
May it be the beginning of much accomplishment in Torah learning in Yeshivat Oro Shel Adam and many more siyumim and celebrations!

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