2016 Adam Youth Marathon Report

The Oro Shel Adam team of volunteers couldn’t be any more thrilled about the results of yesterday’s marathon. Watching 170 orange-men and orange-woman, ages 5-15, running in three different marathon tracks across the Yishuv, was truly a wonderful sight to behold.

The event didn’t happen without major setbacks, notably, the Marathon had to be pushed off from Wednesday to Thursday because of a heat wave in Israel.  With temperatures over 90 degrees on Wednesday, the Marathon staff felt that it was simply unsafe for the kids to run in such extreme heat.  Even with postponing the event 24 hours, the staff pulled off a marvelous marathon!

It is a euphoric experience to watch and be a part of children, including some of your own, running in a non-competitive Youth Marathon.   These past three years, it has been a wonderful privilege for Oro Shel Adam to be a central part of this great event.

Orchestrating such an event takes an endless amount of hard work.group

Our Marathon committee including Sara Bernstein, Faige Peskin and Silvi Avital get all of the credit.  Their tireless efforts produced a successful event and they get all of the credit.  רב תודות לכם!

Additionally, we had many volunteers that stood along that Marathon tracks to give out water and make sure the kids were safe and “on track.”  I want to specifically give a shout out to a special student and friend of mine, Ari Serup.  Ari brought half a dozen volunteers from Aish HaTorah to help out on Marathon Day.  Ari, we could have never of done this without you!  See Picture

I want to thank all of the sponsors for the event!  Your sponsorships enabled Oro Shel Adam to cover the costMarathon-Signs of this great event.  We thank you and greatly appreciate your contribution to this event!

We thank the Ribbono Shel Olam for keeping us and sustaining us to be able to make such an event.  We are thrilled that while security, police and Hatzala stood by, there were no injuries or problems at the event.  All 170 kids left the Marathon with a smile, a medal and an ice-pop.  They were certainly tired and worn out, but were also satisfied at the accomplishment of running in a real life marathon!

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