End of Winter Session Celebration

Oro Shel Adam students know that once they are part of the yeshiva, they can always return and feel at home.David Rubenstein returns

Some of you might remember our first student, David Rubenstein, from last year.  After learning full time in Yeshivat Bat Ayin for ten months, David returned to our dorms last week to pursue part time Torah learning and part time working.

Yesterday marked the last day of the winter z’man (session) before the Pesach break. What a wonderful 6 months of Torah learning, comradery and great memories.  The winter of 5776 will go down as the period in which Oro Shel Adam went from an organization which reaches out to olim to a yeshiva that reaches out to Olim.  We thank all those that have helped us reach this point!

This Shabbot, our final In-Shabbos of the Z’man, Oro Shel Adam will be throwing a kiddish in honor of all of its students’ accomplishments. For our advanced track of Gemara learning we are celebrating the siyum and completion of the first two perakim of Messachet Megilla.  For our beginners track of Gemara learning we are celebrating the completion of one full page of Gemara, learnt in depth.  After 6 months of learning, it’s now time to eat!

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