Sheva Brachos for our Student!

It was an honor for us to host the Sheva Brachot of David and Smadar Levine Tuesday night in Adam! A very special simcha for Am Yisrael and Oro Shel Adam. Mazal Tov to the Levines.

David Levine was the first guy to make Aliyah, do the army, come through Oro Shel Adam’s program, get married Torah-Learning-w/-David-Levineand move to Adam.  With emotions running high at the end of the Sheva Brachos that we made for him and his wife Smadar in our home this past Tuesday night, I made a promise BL”N to each guy that attended the simcha.  For any guy that comes through our yeshiva and attends Oro Shel Adam programs we would make them a Sheva Brachos as we did for David.  (No they don’t have to move to Adam like David and Smadar, though, they might get a better Batya Miller world-famous desert if they do.)

We bless each of our students that they should soon find their bashert, just not all at once.


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