New Students in the Yeshiva

It has been an exciting past couple of weeks.  Recently, we welcomed two new students to the yeshiva.  Chaim Chaim-and-Rav-ShalomRyesky, of Long Island origin, moved into the yeshiva’s apartment a week and a half ago.  Chaim will be focusing on Gemara skills in his Torah learning and working part-time as a handyman.  He moved in not only with his cloths and books but also with his pick-up truck and extensive tools.  We are very excited that he has joined the Oro Shel Adam Yeshiva.  See Picture of Chaim and his truck

A week ago, I was contacted by a Russian Oleh who had recently finished the army, working as a clerk in the IDF’s Rabbinate.   Even though he had a place to stay in the Beit Chayal in Jersualem, he was looking for a different environment.  Yoel Maggid came for an interview and we accepted him into our program.

Out of the different things we do, I feel best about being able to reach out to Lone Soldiers before, during or after they serve in the IDF.  Bruchim Habaim Yoel!

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