New students and Chanuka Celebration!

This past week we welcomed Bezalel Ben-Zion to the Oro Shel Adam yeshiva. He made Aliyah a few years ago and Bezalel-Ben-Zion-in-Oro-Shel-Adam-dormswas looking for a Torah learning opportunity and a warm Israeli/Anglo community in the Jerusalem area.  Adam and our program was the perfect fit for him! Bezalel has moved in and started learning Torah with us.  Next week, we will welcome Chaim Goldstein to our program.  Chaim is making Aliyah to Israel from Philadelphia straight into the Oro Shel Adam Yeshiva.   We look forward to having him join the program!

Chanuka-Party-5775Next Monday night at 8PM, the 2nd night of Chanuka, Oro Shel Adam will celebrate Chanuka with a Chanuka Chagiga (party).  The yeshiva and friends of Oro Shel Adam will gather for a feast highlighted by Rebbetzin Miller’s world famous latkas, delicious doughnuts from Shifon (Adam’s local bakery), singing, Divrai Torah and a warm holiday atmosphere.  All male Olim and community members are invited to join us for the event.

Chanuka Samaach!

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