Simchas Torah in Adam

Once on Simchas Torah the Kutzker Rebbe, Rav Menachem Mendal, saw the Chasidim wildly celebrating (I give usDancing-in-Adambracha that we should err on excessive simcha and not be saying to ourselves “when is this thing going to end”) and commented, “What’s all of the fuss for!?  Finishing the Torah is no reason to uncontrollably dance and sing.”  One of the Chasidim responded, “Rebbe, we are not celebrating finishing the Torah, we are celebrating starting the Torah anew.”  The Kutzker replied, “That is a worthy reason to rejoice!”

A Yidd that has unlimited commitment to start and restart the Torah Hakedosha countless times is worthy to participate and should feel like an honoree in a Simchat HaTorah.

I would like to share with you a small taste of Simchas Torah in the Oro Shel Adam community.  After night time Hakafos that go until 2am, Shachris starts at 8:30.  We dovin through Hallel.  At 10:00 we enjoy an elaborate Kiddush with singing and Rav Yosef’s precious drasha, which brings meaning and depth to each Chag and Shabbas.  At 11 we start with the first 2 and half hakafos.  We then proceed home to have a yantiff family seuda.  2:30pm come Oro Shel Adamback again and start with Kriyas HaTorah, Chatan Torah/Bereshis ect. and hakafas 2.5 – 7.  By the time we finish Musaf and Mincha there is just enough time before Shkiyah to wash and sit down to a seuda ketana, a small meal.  And this is what I want to share with you.  After eating Challah with some salatim, Simchas Torah is capped with the entire community arm in arm singing and dancing to the words  קדשנו במצוותך ותן חלקנו בתורתך שבענו מטובך ושמחנו בישועתך, וטהר ליבנו בעבדך באמת.  I cannot express in words the camaraderie and power of those moments (or really any part of Simchas Torah), but I can tell you that such a yeshiva and such a community has the potential to positively impact many people.


Simchat Torah Schedule

לו”ז ה”ר/שמחת תורה תשע”ו

תיקון ליל ה”ר

שחרית בנץ

18:15 – מנחה

18:45 – ערבית וב’ הקפות


המשך ההקפות


7:00 – שיעור לפני התפילה עם הרב יוסף

8:00 – שחרית עד הלל


ג’ הקפות


המשך ההקפות

16:00 – קריאת התורה

17:20- מוסף

17:50 – מנחה וסעודה קטנה

19:35 – ערבית

20:45 – הקפות שניות

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