Rosh Hashana Message 5776

We read in Parshat Nitzavim of the entirety of Am Yisrael standing together in Brit.  This powerful image, year in and year out, prepares us to stand together on Rosh Hashana.  We no doubt, stand together with our family and community in the most literal way as we greet the New Year.  For this we do not need the Torah to teach us of the power of that type of gathering.  We feel it.  We live it.  However, we do need the Torah to teach us and inspire us of the significance of all of Am Yisrael standing together on Yom Hadin.  We seem so distant in place and in person from one another.  We might have very little in common and feel estranged from Jews that do not speak my language, do not eat my Rosh Hashana food, and use different niggunim for the High-Holiday Tefillot.  But the Torah, so forcefully, teaches us that we stand together with all Jews.  To the extent that we are able to stand with Klal Yisrael on Rosh Hashana, Kol Yehudi V’Yehudi B’makom She’hem, to that extent we are complete; to that extent do have the zechut to stand in front of Hashem.

When I will be taking the ammud this Rosh Hashana (Maariv first night and Shachrit second day), it will not be a difficult challenge for me to stand with you.  Many of you mean so much to us outside the jurisdiction of Oro Shel Adam and our connection surpasses the confines of a Jewish organization.  At the same time, I cannot ignore the fact that Oro Shel Adam stands and Shalom Miller Family stand because of the loving support and help of countless individuals who help us in many different ways.  The miracle of Oro Shel Adam is possible because you stand with us.  We are eternally grateful to you!  And may we stand together for many years to come, Amen KY”R!

Hashem should shower you, your families and all of Am Yisrael in the coming year with only bracha and success in every way!

With blessings of שנה טובה and כתיבה וחתימה טובה!

באהבה ובידידות,

שלום צבי


Oro Shel Adam Beit Midrash Rosh Hashana Schedule

לו”ז לראש השנה תשע”ו

18:42 – מנחה

יום א’

4:30 – שיעור לפני התפילה עם הרב יוסף

5:30 – שחרית

6:00 – המלך (נץ 6:21)

8:20 – דבר התעוררות לפני התקיעות

8:30 – תקיעות

11:00 – קידוש

11:45 – תקיעות לנשים (זמן משוער)

16:45 – שיעור עם הרב יוסף

17:45 – מנחה


19:20 – ערבית

יום ב’

4:30 – שיעור לפני התפילה עם הרב יוסף

5:30 – שחרית

6:00 – המלך (נץ 6:22)

8:20 – דבר התעוררות לפני התקיעות

8:30 – תקיעות

11:00 – תקיעות לנשים (זמן משוער)

17:45 – מנחה

שיעור עם הרב יוסף

19:22 – ערבית


צום גדליה

18:10 – מנחה

19:00 –  ערבית

שיחה עם הרב יוחי (נא להביא כיבוד)


שנה טובה!

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