IDF Care-Package Project Successfully Launched!

It was an exciting week of shopping, baking and delivering for Oro Shel Adam!  All day Wednesday was spent delivering the first round of care-packages to IDF soldiers who are in active duty defending Israel. Zev-Magavic_Friedman

The first stop was the Old City, a few meters away from the Kotel!  In a hidden base, I met with Zev Frie
dman from Memphis and comrades.  They are serving in an elite army police unite called “magiv,” which patrols the more dangerous areas of the Old City.  After enjoying the home made roll and honey cake, Zev’s reaction was, “They were amazing.”    See Picture!

Next, I drove up with a good friend and former Lone Soldier Mordichai Sofer to Shiloh.  The area around Shiloh has recently been a volatile area.  There, we met with a Lone Soldier from South Africa, Yaakov Marks, who is serving in the area.

Mordichia and YaakovWe thank all those that have helped support this project.  But it’s not too late.  This is your last chance (for this project) to show your support for our chayalim this Rosh Hashana.  It looks like I’ll be making a trip to the Bikaa to deliver the care packages to soldiers serving in the Jordan Valley.

To contribute a Rosh Hashana Care package to a Lone Soldier or IDF soldier follow the donation instructions at our web-page:


Thank you and Shanna Tova!


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