Report from the Oro Shel Adam Olim BBQ Event!

This past Wednesday Oro Shel Adam sponsored a summer BBQ and sports event at Gan Sacker in Jerusalem for Oro Shel AdamOlim singles (guys and girls).  We had over 30 Olim join us at the event!  A large group of Lone soldiers entering into the IDF took a break from their training and enjoyed a splendid Jerusalem day in the park with good people and delicious BBQ food!   SEE PICTURES

While we didn’t have enough for a full Softball game, a group of us enjoyed batting and fielding practice.  More guys were interested in playing the home town sport of Soccer.

Oro Shel Adam


The event was a wonderful way to spread the word about Oro Shel Adam’s dorm facility and learning program.  Male Olim looking to do some Torah learning or in need of a place to stay are always welcome!

Thank you to my wife, Batya and Yehuda Rosenberg for doing the BBQing.  Thank you to all those that joined us!


Coming Up:

Next Shabbos we will be hosting a group of Olim ladies for Shabbos in Adam.  Single ladies are invited to be in touch with us to hear more details of the Shabbotone.  Contact us to reserve a spot.

In three weeks, we will be having our 2 year anniversary event.  Details to follow.

Finally, August 8th, Parshat Ekev, we will be hosting a seminar in marriage and dating for single men.  The weekend will include lectures and discussions about the challenges of dating and marriage in our generation.

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