Adam Welcomes the Goldstein Family!

It brings us great joy to share with you of the Aliyah and arrival of Amanda, Evan, Shaya and Tsofia Goldstein to Goldstein-kidsYishuv Adam.  The Goldsteins, after their tour of America, landed at Ben Gurion Wednesday morning and immediately moved into their home in Adam.

They first heard of the community in Adam six months ago via facebook and then they contacted us to hear more details.  I spoke with Amanda at length about schools, communities, hashkafa, location ect.  They became very interested in the Yishuv and I decide to make a stop in Houston when I flew to the States in March.  The Goldsteins were so kind to open their home and host me and a shiur that I gave to the community.

After Pesach they began to look for buyers for their home, while keeping an eye on Yad2 for apartments to rent in Adam.  They found one that they liked.  I went to check it out to verify that it was a suitable flat.  While signing the lease with Shauli, they managed to sell their Houston home, all in time to board their July 1st Nefesh B’Nefesh Charter flight.

Oro Shel Adam also has the privilege of supplying the Goldsteins with certain basic pieces of furniture from the Oro Shel Adam dorms until their lift arrives in the near future.

By the way, our dorm facility remains nameless.  We await a generous and supportive family of Oro Shel Adam activities to come and dedicate the dorms or memorialize the memory of a loved one by naming the dorms after them.  If this might interest you or someone you know please be in touch.  Please help us in this important cause.

In celebration of the simcha of the Goldstein’s aliyah, the Oro Shel Adam Beit Midrash and community made a kiddish this past shabbos!

Mazal Tov to the Goldstein!  We are thrilled to have you join us in beautiful Yishuv Adam!  Your aliyah should be filled only with bracha v’hatzlacha.

We would be happy to help you or anyone you know with settlement in Yishuv Adam.  For more details see:


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