The 2015 Adam Youth Marathon!

The 2015 Adam Youth Marathon was a splashing success!  We had well over 200 kids run in the four different tracks of the marathon.  The kids ran speedily and swiftly throughout the non-

Oro Shel Adam


competitive race. Seeing them run in peek performance, after weeks of training was a sight to behold.

This year we used a Marathon gate for the starting and finish line, which was a nice new addition. The fluorescent yellow or green shirts (not quite sure which) were bouncing with attitude and energy.

One father wrote me, “Thanks again, Shalom.  Lavi had such a great time and couldn’t stop talking about it the entire way home.”  Many of the other kids shared Lavi’s feelings of pride, accomplishment, and simcha.  This, my good friends, is what a marathon is all about!  The exercise and health awareness is a nice bonus.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that helped make the event so outstanding.  A special shout out to Faige, Sara and Silvi, the Oro Shel Adam Marathon committee, for all of the time and energy that you put into making the 2nd Adam Youth Marathon bigger and better than year one!  We thank the Yishuv, Moetzet Binyamin and the local police for partnering with us to make the event.

We also thank all those that sponsored runners in the marathon!  We certainly could not have made the event without your help.  “Im ein kemech ein merutz.”

Oro Shel Adam


Because of how hot it was I am quite sure we will not have to wait a full year before next year’s Adam Youth Marathon.  Many are already looking forward to it, I know I am.

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