Adam Youth Marathon Coming up!

Oro Shel Adam is proud to announce that it will be hosting the second Youth Marathon in Adam.  In cooperation withYishuv Adam Marathon Yishuv Adam and the local Binyamin Counsel, we planned the event for Monday, May 25, Issru Chag.  Oro Shel Adam has formed a committee of committed volunteers to plan and execute the exciting event.  We are expecting 200 or more of Adam’s Youth, grades 1st-8th, to participate.  There will be 4 different marathon tracks so that each kid can choose a distance that will be appropriate for them.  See the Flyer below for more details.

Marathons can be special opportunity to bring different types of Jews/Israelis, religious and non religious, together for a positive and fun event!  This is something extremely important especially in a heterogeneous Israeli community like Yishuv Adam.

Our Marathon is a wonderful way for new people to get involved and support Oro Shel Adam.  For just $18, you can sponsor a child to run in what could be a life changing experience.  Your participation and support this activity means so much to us!

Click on the link to sponsor a child:


Thank you!


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