Yeshivat Darkenu comes to Adam for Shabbos!

We are excited to share that Yeshivat Darkenu, a program for guys with special needs, spent Shabbos this past weekOro Shel Adam at Oro Shel Adam’s Shabbos Experience!  A group of 14 guys and a staff of five arrived to Adam at 5 PM Friday afternoon.  After a snack and getting settled in the Oro Shel Adam dorms, the guys saw the amazing view of the Jordan Valley and surrounding area.  We then relished in reli”sh (ruach lifne shabbot), by singing and hearing a Baal Shem Tov story before Kabbalat Shabbot.  The energy from the Darkenu students was out of this world.  We ate delicious home backed food made by Rebbetzin Batya Miller.  The guys were engaged by two shiurim by Rav Shalom Miller, one in Pike Avot and another in Sfat Emet.  It was amazing to see how much the guys enjoyed the Oro Shel Adam community and how much the community enjoyed having the Darkenu students.

My brother in law, Joey Lerner spent two years at Darkenu a few years back.  He loved it and returns every year to visit the dirJoey-Lernerector, Avi Ganze and his friends in the Gush.


We thank Avi Ganz and Darkenu for making one of the most memorable Shabbatote of the year!

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