Elections in Israel

This week’s Torah thought and analysis of Isreal’s most recent elections is brought to us by Eitan Divinsky, the Oro Shel Adam new Director of Resource Development.

As a long-time observer of Israeli politics and myself an Oleh who came to Israel in ’01 just a month beforeĀ Sept. 11th, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this week’s elections in Israel. Netanyahu’s decision to hold early elections paid off big-time as the ruling Likud gained a clear win over Labor/Ha’tnua. Bibi will now be presented the task of forming the next government.

These were, in my opinion, one of the most critical elections in Israel’s history. The Israeli public made a clear decision against the legacy of Oslo and continued appeasement of the P.A. and the world community. In re-electing Netanyahu, the Israeli public is clearly telling the world: “Hands off Israel!” We also decided that what God promised our people at the dawn of history remains relevant to this day.

This wasn’t the first time Israel found itself at a crossroads between two major schools of thought. The one on the Left is telling us that we need not be worried about the threats from beyond our borders and that everything will be “OK” as long as we give up on land we liberated in the Six-Day War. It’s telling us that so long as we’re sure of ourselves, being the only ones in charge of our destiny, things will be fine.

There’s another school of thought. This one states, in no ambiguous terms, that: “Yes, we’re the eternal People. No, no one has the power to destroy us. But we’re also not beyond reproach. We’re human and there’s a God above us Who has the final say. This is the same God that promised the offspring of Avraham, Isaac and Jacob the Land of Israel as an inheritance and we are not privy to give up on this precious Land. It’s simply not up to us.”

As election week comes to an end, let’s give thanks to the God of our forefathers for allowing us, a People who haven’t always been perfect, to return to our Land and build a state we can be proud of. Let’s realize that while we are accountable for our own actions, we’re not completely in control of our destinies.

Blessings from the liberated capital of the Jewish people and here’s hoping for peace and security in our borders–and the coming of the Redemption speedily and in our day!


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