Reactions to the Adam Shabbos Experience

“Thank you so much for giving us the Shabbos of a lifetime!  From the Ruchnius to the views here in Yishuv Adam to the food and hospitality, everything was amazing!  Allowing us to experience a Shabbot like this will definitely enhance our learning throughout the upcoming weeks, months and years.”   Ahseph Weisz, Aish HaTorah

“The Millers are a great family that knows how to make shabbos awesome for a bunch of guys. Good food, good accommodations; really everything was just the best possible.  The entire thing was just an amazing, awesome, enjoyable out of the ordinary shabbos.”  Aryeh Birnhack, Torat Simcha

“Rabbi Miller, thank you for this opportunity, the guys enjoyed very much”  Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan, Lev HaTorah

The Adam Shabbos Experience

“You guys know how to make a Shabbos” David Schwart, Gruss Kollel

“I came in part of a group and I left part of the Miller family” Leibi Torand, Torat Simcha

“An unparalleled Shabbas experience in my year in Israel.  Warm, caring and homey – Truly a beautiful Shabbas”   Yoni Seer, Mercaz HaTorah

“I never had a Shabbos like this one.  It really felt as if Hashem was at the table with us.  The niggunim sent shivers down my spine.  I feel as if I have created a new and beautiful connection to Shabbas.”  Eli Tessler, Lev HaTorah

“Guys loved it!!”  Rachel Nadel, Anywhere in Israel

“Yishuv Adam is literally a breadth of fresh air and gives all of us a new and renewed appreciation of Eretz Yisrael.  The Miller family wants nothing more than to keep us well fed… with food and with Torah.  And your kids are beautiful.  Can’t wait to come back!” Shimon Italiander, Lev HaTorah

The Adam Shabbos Experience“This Shabbos in Adam was absolutely physically fantastic and spiritually rejuvenation.”  Yaakov Mitchell, Shaalavim

“Great place; great family; great rabbi! We all really enjoyed the experience.” Joseph Mccarthy, Aish HaTorah

“The unique combination of warmth and kedusha in both the Miller household and the community in Adam allowed me to have an unforgettable Shabbos and Tu B’shvat.”  Josh Seidman, Machon Lev

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Nishmat Ladies Response to The Adam Shabbos Experience:Adam Shabbos Experience

“This weekend was so interesting.  I know that I have experienced something truly unique to Israel.”

“This Shabbat is one for the books!”

“First off, thank you so much for this beautiful שבת – I really enjoyed it.  I especially enjoyed the דברי תורה which were insightful and thought-provoking.  The panel was also very interesting.”

“I learned a lot about the challenges and rewards of living in a diverse community, and had a great time meeting new people.  Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring שבת!”

“Thank you so much for an awesome shabbos!  The home cooked food erev Shabbos meal was really a nice touch!”

“It was very beautiful, Torah filled, and delicious!”

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