Oro Shel Adam Kollel

Our students have the privilege of enjoying the Torah atmosphere created by the Oro Shel AdamRav Yosef Asayag Kollel.  Our kollel and beit-midrash, the only one in Yishuv Adam, was formed mainly so that the Olim, former lone soldiers in our program and the greater Adam community would be able to learn and gain from the kollel members and lively Torah environment.  Many of those that are studying with us work in the morning and then devote their afternoon and evening hours to Torah study.



Currently, thOro Shel Adam Kollele Kollel is learning Hilchot Shabbot in depth.  Each day Rav Yosef Asayag (see picture with Rav Asayag and Rav Shalom Miller) gives a phenomenal shiur both in halacha and chassidut/mussar. The Kollel members are frequently tested on the topics covered in the learning.

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