New Families Speak about Yishuv Adam

This past summer, Oro Shel Adam helped four families, move into our Yishuv.  More than anything, we feel blessed that the Leichmans, Kadishs, Gerstles and Bernsteins have joined the Adam community.  Each family has been a wonderful addition to Adam and community life has greatly been enriched by their being with us.

Here are a few reactions of the families that moved in:

“Living in Adam has been an incredible way for Adam (husband, not yishuv) and I to start our lives together.  It has the atmosphere of a small community with the amenities of a bigger town.  We love being able to take a quiet walk on Shabbat and soak in the amazing views.  We also enjoy splitting our time between the two Ashkenazi shuls, each being such a different experience.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds!”  Ilana Bernstein

“We moved to Adam so we could live near Yerushalayim and still be able to afford a house.  More importantly, we moved to Adam because we feel comfortable here religiously.  Most important of all, our community is very warm and friendly.  In the five months that we’ve lived here, the only real surprise is that Adam really is everything we thought it was when we visited for Shabbos before deciding to move in.”  Malka Kadish

“When my father and my in laws came to visit, they couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous views here and loved taking the baby for walks and enjoying the scenery. They also loved how friendly the whole community was, talking to them at Shul or in the streets.  My sister is visiting now, and loves how warm and welcoming the yishuv is, and thinks the location is really awesome.”  Samantha Gerstle

Many new families have turned to us inquire if Adam would be appropriate for them and we look forward to welcoming a new group of families this spring and summer.  Please spread the word about the Yishuv to those families that might be interested.  We would be happy to discuss details and help any family that would consider joining us.

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